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I love knitting gloves! But, to be able to get the details that make them so interesting you have to have many stitches per square inch. To achieve this in so small a scale, ridiculously thin knitting needles are required. I make my own knitting needles out of stainless steel wires that are so thin (.001") that they can accommodate more that 80 stitches per inch. The gloves I make are 1/12th scale which means that 1 inch =1 foot in the "real" world. That means a finger the size of a grain of rice would be about the right size to fit inside a pair of my gloves.

You'll notice that occasionally I knit complex geometric patterns into the gloves, and sometimes I'll attempt more difficult designs such as people and figures which are a challenge for me and are rare. A particularly complex pair sold at auction for $600.00 (the proceeds went to a worthy cause). I continue to make gloves, loving every second of it and experimenting with new techniques.

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